Taber Community Action and Prevention Society (TCAPS) is a multi-agency and citizens at large organization of socially minded people who strive to support social and community issues. We have several programs under our umbrella including Victim Services, Crisis Fund, Taber Community Against Drugs (TCAD), Bags of Love, and Random Acts of Kindness.

In addition to our own programs we support many programs of the community. Some of the programs we have recently funded are the wellness walk, Pro Performance Special Olympics, DA grade 8 camp, ACE Place Spartan Race, Family School Liaison Summer Camps, Family Connections Summer Camp Program, DA Girls Event, P.A.R.T.Y Program, Body Image group, Multicultural week, youth Get Cooking club, to name a few.

Currently we are working on (and really excited about) new initiatives including a restorative justice program and a community transportation program.

We are able to do these wonderful things with the support of this community who have supported our Ladies Night Out Fundraiser for the past 10 years. This year we wanted to expand the fundraiser to include men and women. We are hosting Vegas Night in Taber on November 18th. We are very excited for this event and think it will be a fun night as well as a fabulous fundraiser. We need your help to make it so.

For the first time, Wacky Shots was invited to participate in AHS’ Flulapalooza event. Influenza immunizations were available, free of charge, to all Albertans six months of age and older. The event was held at the Exhibition Park for the whole day and there were lots of fun activities for kids like face painting, games (hosted by Lethbridge Public Library), interactive information (booth from local agencies) and a photo booth. Since it was public event aimed for families, we did a green screen photo booth and made the print template more amusing. Thanks to AHS, the nurses and all the organizers for making this event a success.


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When it comes to Photo Booths, and vendors in general, there are things that you forget about until it presents itself… one of them would be photo booth liability insurance. Are your vendors fully insured? Some venues, even in Lethbridge, require that your vendors carry insurance or are insured. It’s not something you think about or want to think about, but do yourself a favor and make sure to ask before signing a contract if the company/business is fully insured.

You were probably thinking, “Geez, it’s just a photo booth. What could potentially go wrong?” There is actually more to it as photo booths are powered by electricity and there are tripping hazards when installations are not done properly. You don’t want grandma to trip over an electrical wire that is laying around the area due to poor workmanship. Choosing a fully insured company is important as it will protect you when something unfortunate happens in your event. Most fly by night companies don’t invest in business insurance and it will be risky for you to work with these companies. It is also good to ask if the booth is wheelchair-accessible so all of your guests can enjoy the photo booth fun.

We, at Wacky Shots, are fully insured. We understand the importance of quality work and customer service. We specialize in photo booths. We strive to complete every event with the highest quality of service and workmanship possible. We do event the right and safe way giving you a peace of mind. We get the satisfaction of walking away from every event knowing that your experience will have lasting results.