Wheelchair Accessible

Posted by Rupert on November 29, 2016

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Most frequently when it comes to Photo Booths, there are things that we don’t consider until the situation presents itself… one of them being wheelchair accessibility. People with certain disability are often introvert and refrain from being sociable with other persons. They all want to be left alone and do not want to cause trouble for others. In certain case where the condition isn’t serious they try and do their work on their

Wacky Shots Photo Booth is now part of Weddingwire.ca. As we continue to grow and expand our business, we’ve signed up with weddingwire in order to become more visible and searchable to future brides. We have all heard and experienced how gruesome and tiresome it is to search for wedding vendors, by becoming a member of weddingwire Wacky Shots has increased it’s possibility of getting found all the more. Happy hunting brides and

We are now accepting Credit Card Payments!
Wacky Shots is pleased to announce that we are now accepting credit card payments! As a photo booth company, we live and breathe customer service. Whilst we may not be perfect, we are in the midst of making changes within our company to serve you better. As

12 Questions to Ask the Photo Booth Company You’re Hiring. Photo booths are now becoming a standard addition to special events such as weddings, birthdays, Sweet 16, Senior Ball, Junior Prom, Fund Raising Event or High School Reunion. One side effect of this surge in popularity is a wider selection of services and price ranges for you the consumer but with it, it brings an increase in less reputable companies looking for