6 Fabulous Reasons Why Your Event Needs a Photo Booth

Photo booths are popping up everywhere. From wedding receptions to fundraising, galas and celebrity events, they’re the perfect party favor. If you’re contemplating a photo booth for your next event, but not really sure if it would work—here are 6 fabulous reasons why your event needs a photo booth.

  • We’ll take care of your guests. Great DJ? Check. Open bar? Check. Sounds like you’re on your way to planning a good time! But chances are, not everyone will dance for the entire reception. And we all know that not everybody drinks. What would the other guests do? Wacky Shots photo booth adds variety and makes for a great activity for guests bouncing between the dance floor and the bar. Taking a break after the Cupid Shuffle for a quick photo shoot is sure to entertain!
  • We’ll give your guests a souvenir of the event. We’ve all been to event where the thank you gift has been a shot glass, a bag of M&M’s, or something else that soon gets tossed or forgotten about. Thank your guests for coming in a much less cliché way by sending them home with a personalized photograph or two that serves as a constant reminder of how much fun they had at your event. Don’t be surprised to see that photo hanging on their fridge when you stop by to visit, even months later! Prints from a photo booth are customizable, and can include your names, event date, and can even match your colors and theme, making them the perfect keepsake.
  • We’ll capture some of the less serious moments. Certainly, your professional photographer is going to capture those special moments from your wedding: your first look, first kiss, and first dance. But nothing beats the photos taken when you and your college friends grab a pair of Kanye sunglasses and a mustache-on-a-stick, and jump into a photo booth! Think about that Company Christmas Party you’ve been dreading to go to because you’re afraid that your boss will try to spark a conversation with you and there will be that oh-so-awkward moment because you tend to blabber when nervous and you wouldn’t know what to do, but it’s so scary, who knows what else could go wrong, you might say something inappropriate or spill your drink on her or…. aaaaaahhhhh! Some of the most amusing and genuine moments of the night will be captured on the little strip that pops out of the printer.
  • Whatever your occasion might be, you book it, we’ll booth it. Whether it be corporate, wedding, birthday, fundraising or any social event, every single photo booth picture we’ve seen all have the same thing in common: people are genuinely having a blast. Props or no props, they all look like they’re enjoying every moment of it.
  • We’ll make your event the talk of the town. If you want to promote your products or services at an event then consider setting up a photo booth. With the advances in technology now you can instantly access your photos and mail them to yourself to share with others on social media. Having a photo booth at a trade a show will allow visitors to take and share photos bearing your business brand. The photos could go viral within a short time boosting the image of your brand online. The long queues at the photo booth for instant photos will keep visitors at your stand allowing you to engage and interact with potential clients. People will still be talking about your event long after it has ended every time they look at the photos they got from the booth. Your business can also make use of the photos promoting its image on social media and other platforms. You can display the photos at home as a memory of your big day.
  • We’re suitable for all ages. “I have to say I loved the photo booth and so did the kids!” writes another real bride. “It was amazing, such a giggle and it was nice to have something the children and grandparents could join in with. I have the photos in my purse and am always showing them to people. It’s FAB! Thanks again!”

Photo booths offer more than just an opportunity to snap some photos, they allow people to share good moments and interact more. The guests can get photo strips and carry them home as a memento of the party or event. Photo booths keep guests entertained and busy which is great because nobody remembers a dull event. Photo booths are not only popular but also quite affordable. If you are planning for an event make sure you find out how to rent one to add variety to your party.